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The owners wrote


I found Melinda Talpai through the internet. I could not believe my luck in finding a breeder who is responsible, caring, reliable and a real lover of dogs! She has been unbelievably efficient in organizing and explaining everything to me, and everything worked like clockwork. It is as if I knew her from years ago. She is a very communicative person, and that also holds with her communication with her dogs. Because my dog, Lara, grew the first months of her life with Melinda, I know she was with a caring person, and that has given Lara the very loving character that she has. Taking Lara into our home has changed our life and has brought immense joy! Melinda keeps supporting us even today; any question I have about grooming, behavior etc, she is eager to answer it. Thank you so much Melinda for the joy you have given us! You are always welcome to our home in Cyprus

Areti Zinga, Cyprus


Oscar is the second dog we got from Melinda Talpai. Apart from perfectly organizing everything regarding the dog’s vaccinations, passport, crate and help at the airport, Melinda was able to choose for us a dog with an adorable temperament which was a perfect fit for our first dog which we also got from Melinda. Oscar is an excitable dog, who wants hugs and cuddles all the time, and is not afraid to show it! He is very playful and loving. I highly recommend Melinda to anyone looking for a Puli or Komondor as a high quality breeder and a good person to do business with.

Michael Zingas, Cyprus

My lovely and nice Komondor Fehér Kócos Farida, from the day I 've had her she has never been sick even though there are a lot of changes for her as I live in Bangkok Thailand which is quite a lot of differences in climates and weather from Hungary.Thank you to Talpai Melinda for this perfect dog.
I have been looking for a komondor for almost a year, I have contacted some breeders , agencies , importers, but after writing some e mails to them I felt I do not trust them, sending money to someone you do not really know esp. from the internet is really a risk. But after I talked with Melinda I felt that she is a nice person that I can trust. I went to Budapest for the puppies 1 Komondor and 1 puli ( Melinda find one for me from a very good breeder). Melinda came to meet me at the airport with the puppies and took me sight seeing around Budapest and stayed with me until that evening when I get back. After I came back we still keep in touch, Melinda is always ready to answer all my question . I have to say again that she is really a very nice person, I am so lucky that I have the Komondor from her. A perfect dog from a perfect breeder."

Kitty, Bangkok

"Thank you Melinda for your excellent, clear and honest communication throughout the whole process, answering all of our questions and ensuring that everything went smoothly with the transport of our Puli puppy. We are very happy to have had such a wonderful experience! It is very obvious that you care very much about the health and well-being of the dog.

We are so happy to have our gorgeous Puli in our home. Thank you for all your work raising him into such a well mannered dog. He is very good tempered, loves going for a walk and responds very well on the leash and is so sweet! He is friendly and gentle towards everyone in the family and definitely likes to keep his "herd" together.

Puli puppy

Daniella and Natalia, Canada