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Somogyi Betyár Kennel

Welcome on my homepage. I'm Melinda Talpai, owner of Somogyi Betyár Komondor and Puli kennel. Me and my dogs are living in Hungary in a 4 hectares farm. My dogs and puppies has a great possibility to run free all days, and get great socialization in the farm and in the city too.

After 5 years of successful Komondor breeding I fall in love of the Puli breed during the dog shows. Both breed are ancient Hungarian sheepdogs with different responsibility .Only their unique cords specific just for this 2 breeds makes them alike.

Puli is a great herding dog, she is a very clever breed. In our days they are great for companion dogs and because their size and devotion to the owners they are fit for indoor life too. Puli is very easily trainable, clever enough for dog dancing too, and they like very much the dog shows circumstances. Puli is feeling perfect anywhere if they may be next to their owner. It is true, that they like to bark, but inside normal borders.

In my Somogyi Betyár kennel I'm breeding with very high quality show dogs Pulis. The quality is always in the front of quantity for me. I like to make my buyers proud of their Puli. No matter if they will be show dogs or "just" for companion. The differences will be only in the price. My Puli puppies raising together with the Komondors they has better sense of giving respect to other dogs.

Please visit Somogyi Betyár Youtube channel too and feel free to contact me for any future questions.